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Monumental Moments

1984 Olympic Games

Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the
1984 Olympic Games

Warner Bros.
75th Anniversary

A television documentary event celebrating 75 years of Warner Bros. history (1998)

Endeavor Awards

A fundraiser celebrating charitable aviation, and benefiting children, individuals, and families needing transportation to medical care and other human services.

Liberty Weekend:

A four-day event was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty and its 1984 restoration.

Stronger Together

We're thrilled to announce our enduring partnership with Warner Brothers Studios and Discovery. When industry titans collaborate, innovation and creativity know no bounds.

David L. Wolper Center

Showcasing a 50-year archive, including papers, photos, scripts, and more, accessible to students, researchers, and the public. The Center also features notable exhibitions on figures like Frank Sinatra, Willy Wonka, John Wayne, and events like the 1984 Olympics.